An innovative thinker with a proven track record of increasing success metrics, Benjamin Young draws on his background in cross-organizational management and analysis to help organizations conceive and develop effective programs and strategies. He has worked closely with senior management to help shape business strategy at organizations such as JSTOR / ITHAKA, where he led successful program management initiatives as an ACLS Public Fellow.

Benjamin is an adept and communicative team builder who continually analyzes, evaluates and perfects both team dynamics and project outcomes. He directed program development and community engagement efforts as a Presidential Fellow with Organizing for America (the Obama campaign), following an appointment as a Faculty Fellow at Columbia University, where he earned a dual PhD in French and Romance Philology, and in Comparative Literature.

He has served on a wide range of boards and has been frequently elected to executive committees and governing bodies by his peers. He is accustomed to giving executive-level briefings, as well as larger-scale presentations. An engaging speaker, he received excellent reviews from his students during his recent teaching appointments at Princeton University, and in Interdisciplinary Studies (enseignements transversaux) at one of France’s most prestigious higher education institutions, the École Normale Supérieure de Lyon.

Benjamin sharpened his analytical skills heading up a major publication overhaul for The Princeton Review, as well as delivering policy briefings and drafting geopolitical reports for principals at the US Department of State. In these and other positions, he developed extensive research, analysis and program management experience, leading cross-unit and cross-organizational projects to successful outcomes.

In addition to longstanding interests in foreign affairs and public policy, Benjamin has a deep-rooted commitment to tackling social justice issues and to community service. He began volunteering and looking for ways to address literacy-related challenges at a young age. He continues to closely follow developments in educational policy, as well as efforts to implement evidence-based transformations that improve student outcomes and support teacher effectiveness.

Benjamin is also often called on for his expertise in new media. His interest in technology began in high school, when he was invited by Microsoft to beta test software. Later, he consulted for such companies as Adobe, and was at the forefront of innovations including Voice-over-Internet Protocol (VoIP) and mobile applications. He also served as Columbia University’s inaugural New Media Teaching Fellow.

His educational background is diverse. Before heading to Columbia, Benjamin earned a joint MA & BA in Comparative Literature from UCLA as a Regents Scholar. Benjamin’s doctoral research at Columbia was completed under the auspices of the Institute for Comparative Literature and Society, the Department of French and Romance Philology, and the European Institute. His interdisciplinary dissertation (Eloquence and Music: the Querelle des Bouffons in Rhetorical Context) combined his training in intellectual history, European studies, comparative literature, philology, and music. His dissertation director was Pierre Force.