Hello, I am Benjamin Young.

I develop strategic initiatives, programs, and partnerships in service of the public good.

Throughout my professional life, I have collaborated with purpose-driven people and organizations in every sector to advance strong, just, and resilient societies. The resulting foundation of broad yet rigorous experience—combined with a mission-first approach—enables me to build effective solutions across diverse environments. Using the many lessons learned from varied cross-sector leadership roles, I apply a versatile strategic toolkit to design and implement creative solutions to big challenges in such areas as social impact programs and grant-making, community development, advocacy, and civic engagement.

You've come to the right place for information on my background as a strategist, program manager, and consultant helping great organizations accelerate, grow, and sustain the vitality of their missions. You'll find a little bit about what led me to this point, along with highlights from my career and details on my areas of expertise.

There's also contact information, so please feel free to be in touch.

“Benjamin Young is a truly exceptional leader and strategist. He always adds value.”
— Allan Luks, Executive Director, Big Brothers Big Sisters (fmr)
“Benjamin has an entrepreneurial flair and the versatility to multitask on a wide range of challenges.”
— Laura Brown, Managing Director, JSTOR
“It would be extremely difficult to overstate Benjamin's contributions. He has exceptional management skills... A highly-prized colleague.”
— Kathleen Allegrone, Director, European Affairs, U.S. Department of State (fmr)

Benjamin Young is a strategist, program manager, and mission amplifier.

Benjamin puts into action a steadfast commitment to free, equitable, and resilient societies by working with people and organizations advancing these objectives—helping them design and implement creative solutions to big challenges. Based in New York City, he has led complex programs and projects at organizations including the American Red Cross, JSTOR, and the U.S. Department of State. Benjamin applies a uniquely versatile skillset gained through this varied background to develop strategic initiatives that consistently accelerate and increase organizational impact.

Along with a proven track record of cross-sector leadership, team building, and program development, Benjamin brings an entrepreneurial mindset and collaborative approach to every initiative.

Some of Benjamin's interests include talent development and organizational capacity building, civic engagement and democracy, public policy design, international affairs, postsecondary education access and outcomes, the humanities and knowledge creation, climate science and sustainability, and the intersection of technology and society. He has served on a number of executive and advisory boards, and is the recipient of distinguished awards for his work.

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