A few words about me.

What drives me: helping people and organizations amplify the impact of a meaningful mission.

I do this by helping organizations find and leverage their strongest assets to accelerate purpose-driven work. Whether in public policy, nonprofit program development, or cross-organizational partnerships, I use my background in strategy, data-driven analysis, and digital innovation, to build a participatory framework that can transform lean resources into outsized results.

“Benjamin is a true professional and was wonderful to work with during his tenure at JSTOR.”
— Laura Brown, Managing Director, JSTOR

How did I get here?

Thanks to studies in literature and history, of course. Chaffing aside, rigorous research in the humanities—complemented by some vital training in economics and business analytics—provides a foundation of historical, cultural, and analytical frameworks.

Be it in helping shape business strategy and program development at nonprofits like JSTOR / ITHAKA (a leading online scholarly database with 6 million monthly users), devising on-the-ground organizing strategies for the Obama Campaign, spearheading novel solutions to overcoming historic development challenges at the American Red Cross, or managing the competing priorities of policymaking at the Department of State, strong analytical skills combined with an eye for the broad view have been critical.

"We need more diplomats with Benjamin's impressive combination of analytical talent and common sense... He is the real deal."
— Christopher Palmer, Senior Foreign Service Officer, U.S. Department of State

The complexity of these roles has often required using digital tools to advantage. To that end, my work for companies such as Adobe and Microsoft on the early development of core products has given me an eye for where and how technology can be effectively deployed in both managing and maximizing project outcomes.

What I did before finding my way to strategy and analysis.

Smart use of technology should go hand in hand with team building. Both were key aspects of my time as a Faculty Fellow at Columbia University, where I served as University Senator.

I have also held teaching posts at Princeton University and the École Normale Supérieure in France. In these and other roles, I was frequently elected by my peers to boards and executive committees.

"I cannot overstate Benjamin’s pedagogical skills and the high quality of his teaching. Benjamin is conscientious, competent and generous with his time."
— Véronique Rancurel, Director, Interdisciplinary Studies, École Normale Supérieure de Lyon

The service aspect of mission-driven work has been a common thread throughout my professional life, just as a deep-rooted commitment to community service has played a recurring role in my personal life. Along with a love of learning, these are the traits that fuel my work and motivate the exacting care with which I embark on each new project.

"During the years we worked together, Benjamin displayed intelligence, creativeness, professionalism, and unbound curiosity."
— Pierre Force, Professor & Dean of Humanities (fmr), Columbia University

For more about my work history and education, see the portfolio.

Benjamin Young is a strategist, program manager, and mission amplifier.

I use my background in cross-sector leadership, strategy, and data analytics to help organizations accelerate the impact of their missions. If I can help, or you would just like to connect, please be in touch: